Head of Remote Resources

Head of Remote Resources


Welcome to the “Head of Remote” resource link list. This site is intended to provide a repository of the best people to follow, resources to reference, and tools to utilize in leading a remote-first implementation or transformation in a company of any size. This site was inspired by GitLab's "Head of Remote" page. It reminded me of the old remote-only.org page, and this site is meant to be a straight link list similar to the 2019 version of Remote - Only (dot) org before it became The Remote Playbook written by Darren Murph and Jessica “JJ” Reeder.

Note from the maintainer:

I became a successful remote job seeker, worker, leader and eventually HEAD OF REMOTE thanks to the Gitlab Handbook and the excellent summary and curation thereof by by Darren Murph and Jessica “JJ” Reeder in The Remote Playbook. I invite you to join Gitlab, Darren, Jessica, myself and many of the other names below in #LearningOutLoud in the true open source spirit of collective wisdom building.

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This site is maintained by Tyler Sellhorn (LinkedIn, Twitter), former Head of Remote and host of "The Remote Show" from We Work Remotely. If you'd like to pitch Tyler to appear on "The Remote Show" you can do so here.

Remote Leaders

Heads of Remote (or similar)

🟢Jessica “JJ” Reeder (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Director of Remote Organizational Effectiveness at Upwork

Upwork’s mission is to create economic opportunities so people have better lives has taken us so much further. As a result, we've become the world's work marketplace where every day businesses of all sizes and independent talent from around the globe meet here to accomplish incredible things.

✨Darren Murph (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🔷Annie Dean (LinkedIn, Twitter)

VP of Team Anywhere at Atlassian

🟥Chase Warrington (LinkedIn, Twitter)

👑Valentina Thörner (LinkedIn)

💎Mikaila Read (LinkedIn)

📗Niamh McGarty (LinkedIn)

🔸Leigh Staub (LinkedIn)

🐉Maria Chardakis (LinkedIn)

⛵Tyler Sellhorn (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🍦Rachel Russell (LinkedIn)

🌱Alaina (Garcia) Dexheimer (LinkedIn)

🗃️Paul McKinlay (LinkedIn)

🗃️Andy Bowen (LinkedIn)

🟠Meaghan (Wall) Williams (LinkedIn)

✈️Stephanie Lee (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Head of People Experience at Nansen

🐦Tracy (Still) Hawkins (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Global Head of Workplace Experience and Connection at Grammarly

🦪Rhys Black (LinkedIn, Twitter)

📱Lara Owen, FMP, SFP (LinkedIn, Twitter)

📱Justin Tomlin (LinkedIn)

👍👍Jennifer Wilson (LinkedIn)

Global Program Manager / Leader, Workplace Flexibilty at Dell
  • Dell’s story began with a belief and a passion: that everybody should have easy access to the best technology anywhere in the world.

🩴Kenneth Hellem (LinkedIn)

Other people who wear the “Head of Remote” title

0️⃣Samantha Fisher (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Former Head of Dynamic Work at Okta
  • Okta is the World's #1 Identity Platform and is consistently named a leader by major analyst firms. Trusted by 14,000+ customers to secure digital interactions and accelerate innovation.

📦Terry Tran (LinkedIn)

Head of Virtual First - Engineering, Product and Design at Dropbox

📦Alastair Simpson (LinkedIn, Twitter)

VP of Design at Dropbox

🕴️Shannon Hardy (LinkedIn)

VP of Flex Work at LinkedIn

Remote Company Leaders

⚪Job van der Voort (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🦊Sid Sijbrandij (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Gitlab

🦊Laurel Farrer (LinkedIn)

🕸️Matt Mullenweg (LinkedIn, Twitter)

♦️Alex Bouaziz (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Deel
  • Deel is the platform built for today's world of work. With Deel you can hire anyone in a new country in minutes and automate onboarding, payroll, and compliance. Deel is a world-class experience for your business and entire international team.

🦪Tony Jamous (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Oyster
  • Oyster helps you hire, pay, and provide benefits to your team across borders. Oyster helps you manage HR and payroll, and automate compliance across 180+ countries -all in one, easy-to-use platform.
  • Tony’s appearance on “The Remote Show”
  • Tony’s personal site

🦪Kim Roher (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Principal People Partner at Oyster
  • Oyster helps you hire, pay, and provide benefits to your team across borders. Oyster helps you manage HR and payroll, and automate compliance across 180+ countries -all in one, easy-to-use platform.
  • Oyster blog

✖️Gonçalo Hall (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at NomadX
  • NomadX is a European accommodation marketplace for remote work travelers and digital nomads with over 11k listings across 18 countries with stays for 2 weeks to 12 months and average stays of 3 months.

🦬Joel Gascoigne (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-founder and CEO of Buffer

🦬Hailley Griffis (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Head of PR at Buffer, and Co-Host of the Making Work Work Podcast
  • Buffer is the most intuitive, affordable, and authentic way to reach more people on social media.
  • Making Work Work is a podcast by two friends from across the Atlantic who immediately bonded over the work around the work and kept the conversation going around growing their careers, doing creative work, and striving to be better.

🧊Hrefna Helgadóttir (LinkedIn, Twitter)

📙Katie Burke (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Chief People Officer at HubSpot

⭕Mercer Smith (LinkedIn)

VP, CX Insights & Community at PartnerHero

⚙️Wade Foster (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Zapier
  • Zapier is an API integration and automation platform.

☕Darren Buckner (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Workfrom
  • Workfrom builds unconventional tools to gather, work, and be inspired—from anywhere.
  • Darren's appearance on "The Remote Show" from We Work Remotely
  • Darren's appearance on "Founder Interview" from Techstars

🗺️John Lee (LinkedIn, Twitter)

❇️Natalie Nagale (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-founder and CEO at Wildbit
  • Wildbit is a small software company that believes business should be human.

Remote Thought Leaders

💡Tammy Bjelland (LinkedIn)

🍀Brian Elliot (LinkedIn, Twitter)

SVP, Slack; Co-Founder, Future Forum

🍀Sheela Subramanian (LinkedIn)

🍀Helen Kupp (LinkedIn)

🍀Christina Janzer (LinkedIn)

🏢Dave Cairns (LinkedIn)

Senior Vice President, Office Leasing at CBRE Canada
  • CBRE is the global leader in commercial real estate services and investments.

🧑‍🏫Nick Bloom (LinkedIn)

Professor of Economics at Stanford University

🪑Ryan Anderson (LinkedIn)

VP of Global Research & Insights at Miller Knoll
  • Miller Knoll leverages the power of design to improve people's lives (especially furniture)
  • Hybrid is Hard” appearance on “Late Night IT” with Baratunde Thurston and Kate Lister


🏙️Kate Lister (LinkedIn, Twitter)

President of Global Workplace Analytics

🦆Darcy Boles (LinkedIn)

🚣Rowena Hennigan (LinkedIn)

Founder at RoRemote

Rowena works as an Educator, Speaker and Consultant based in Zaragoza, Spain.

"Being productive when you work and travel - "Becoming a Digital Nomad" - Released June

🟧Marisa Goldberg (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🟦Phil Kirschner (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🟣Daphnée Laforest

🕶️Lance Robbins (LinkedIn)

🎤Scott Markovits (LinkedIn)

🏖️Mitko Karshovski (LinkedIn)

🇬🇧Pilar Orti (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🇬🇧Maya Middlemiss (LinkedIn, Twitter)

👤Peter Du Toit (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🏁Molood Ceccarelli (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Founder of Remote Forever

↔️Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🎒Iwo Szapar (LinkedIn, Twitter)

6️⃣Ben Whitter(LinkedIn, Twitter)

Founder & Chief Experience Officer at HEX Organization
  • HEX Organization exists to help you build the knowledge, skills, and advanced capabilities that are urgently required for the modern human-centred professional & brand leader.

🎵Art Lapinsch (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Founder at remote fabric

🔤Chris Dyer (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Founder and CEO of PeopleG2
  • PeopleG2 has been a nationwide leader in background checks and drug testing since 2001


💡Lisette Sutherland (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Home - Lisette Sutherland

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👩🏽‍🏫Tsedal Neely (LinkedIn, Twitter)

⬇️Scott Dawson (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🏡Ali Greene (LinkedIn)

Co-Author of Remote Works
  • Remote Works was co-written by Tamara Sanderson (LinkedIn)

🐻Tamara Sanderson (LinkedIn)

Co-Author of Remote Works
  • Remote Works was co-written by Ali Greene (LinkedIn)

Other Remote Leaders

Resources for Heads of Remote



🦊All-remote (GitLab Guide, the new GitLab branded version of the old Remote-Only dot org)

🗺️The Work From Anywhere Compliance Framework (Tax and employment compliance considerations for companies considering international mobility policies for their workforce)


Small Stacks tool repository from Tammy Bjelland