Head of Remote Resources

Head of Remote Resources


Welcome to the “Head of Remote” resource link list. This site is intended to provide a repository of the best people to follow, resources to reference, and tools to utilize in leading a remote-first implementation or transformation in a company of any size. This site was inspired by GitLab's "Head of Remote" page. It reminded me of the old remote-only.org page, and this site is meant to be a straight link list similar to the 2019 version of Remote - Only (dot) org.

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This site is maintained by Tyler Sellhorn (LinkedIn, Twitter), host of "The Remote Show" from We Work Remotely and Head of Customer Experience at Yac. If you'd like to pitch Tyler to appear on "The Remote Show" you can do so here.

Remote Leaders

Heads of Remote (or equivalent)

🦊Darren Murph (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Head of Remote at GitLab

🐚 Rhys Black (LinkedIn)

Head of Remote at Oyster

📒Chase Warrington (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Head of Remote at Doist

🤓Annie Dean (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Director of Remote Work at Facebook

🤓Lisa Jiang (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Head of Remote Learning at Facebook

📦Terry Tran (LinkedIn)

  • Head of Virtual First - Engineering, Product and Design at Dropbox

📦Alastair Simpson (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • VP of Design at Dropbox

🐦Tracy (Still) Hawkins (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • VP Real Estate & Workplace & Remote Experience at Twitter

0️⃣Samantha Fisher (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Head of Dynamic Work at Okta

🕴️Shannon Hardy (LinkedIn)

VP of Flex Work at LinkedIn

✈️Stephanie Lee (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Remote Lead at cargo.one
  • cargo.one is a booking platform that gives you access to real-time prices and available capacities of multiple airlines.
  • Personal Site

Remote Company Leaders

🦊Sid Sijbrandij (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Gitlab

🕸️Matt Mullenweg (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Automattic

🟣Job van der Voort (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Remote

🟣Mercer Smith (LinkedIn)

VP of Customer Success at Venafi

⚙️Wade Foster (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Zapier
  • Zapier is an API integration and automation platform.

🤝Johnny Boufarhat (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Hopin
  • Hopin is an all-in-one event management platform that makes planning, producing, and reliving event experiences easier than ever.

☕Darren Buckner (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CEO at Workfrom
  • Workfrom builds unconventional tools to gather, work, and be inspired—from anywhere.
  • Darren's appearance on "The Remote Show" from We Work Remotely
  • Darren's appearance on "Founder Interview" from Techstars

🤗Valerie Krämer (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-Founder at Remi
  • Remi helps remote and distributed teams stay close and connected, through powerful rituals.
  • Rebecca Görres Co-Founder at Remi (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Franco Gotusso Co-Founder at Remi (LinkedIn, Twitter)

🗺️John Lee (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-Founder at The Work From Anywhere Team

Hybrid Remote-First Company Leaders

👜Dominik Pantelides (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • PERKS is a plug-n-play culture & support platform for the future of work.

🎦Rachel Lanham (LinkedIn, Twitter)

CCO at Voodle

🍀Brian Elliot (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Executive Leader, Future Forum & VP at Slack
  • Future Forum enables leaders to reimagine work through data and dialogue, to create a people-centric and digital-first future of work. Slack is on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.


🏁Molood Ceccarelli (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Founder of Remote Forever

🌐Laurel Farrer (LinkedIn)

CEO, Distribute

🚣Rowena Hennigan (LinkedIn)

Founder at RoRemote

Rowena works as an Educator, Speaker and Consultant based in Zaragoza, Spain.


💡Lisette Sutherland (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Author of Work Together Anywhere

👩🏽‍🏫Tsedal Neely (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Author of Remote Work Revolution

⬇️Scott Dawson (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Author of The Art of Working Remotely

Other Remote Leaders

💺Ryan Anderson (LinkedIn)

VP of Global Research & Insights at Herman Miller

Herman Miller leverages the power of design to improve people's lives (especially furniture)

Resources for Heads of Remote


🦊All-remote (GitLab Guide, the new GitLab branded version of the old Remote-Only dot org)

🗺️The Work From Anywhere Compliance Framework (Tax and employment compliance considerations for companies considering international mobility policies for their workforce)



🎤Yac helps you stop all the meetings. Async voice and video messages let you share ideas & talk to your team. No more scheduling or late night calls.


  • 🤗Remi helps remote and distributed teams stay close and connected, through powerful rituals.
🐶Kona sends daily mood check-ins for closer, healthier teams.


❄️Almanac's real-time doc editor helps teams streamline async collaboration with Git-like version control and structured workflows.


🔵Hopin creates immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences for your audience, no matter where they are.